If you get sick or injured while traveling

If you get sick or injured while traveling

Intl.SOS serves as your point of contact to coordinate the care needed through local providers and the Global Medical Carrier, Cigna. The MBA Certificate provided to you prior to travel outlines the coverage available. Please carry this certificate with you. In the event a medical need arises while on business travel, this document may be used to verify benefit eligibility.

What you should do

If you are outside your home country or expat assignment country, Intl.SOS acts as a services coordinator to facilitate your emergent or non-emergent care and works with Cigna. Cigna acts as your insurer to pay the bills. However, Intl.SOS does not have ties into local emergency ground transportation.

For serious or life-threatening illness, injuries or symptoms:

  • Seek medical care immediately—do not delay.
  • Summon available local transportation—ambulance or other method.
  • After you arrive at a local medical facility and have been evaluated—THEN contact Intl.SOS and provide the Baker Hughes Intl.SOS member number (1CPA984). You may also be asked to provide your Cigna member number, which you can find on your ID card.
  • Intl.SOS will contact treating medical providers and oversee the medical aspects of your case.

For non-life-threatening illnesses, injuries, or symptoms or for guidance:

If you are in your expat assignment country: Use your Cigna Global Plan ID card (this is different from the Cigna MBA card) provided to you by the Total Rewards Team.

If you are in your home country: Use your local coverage.

Guarantee of payment

Some medical providers and facilities may not be familiar with Cigna and require an upfront guarantee of payment (GOP) to begin evaluation and treatment. In this case:

  • Intl.SOS will provide a GOP to medical providers and facilities to avoid delays in treatment.
  • Once the medical provider’s administrative process validates global travel insurance coverage with Cigna, the medical provider will bill Cigna directly.
If you need future treatment

If you need future treatment, ask the doctor or front desk if they can direct-bill Cigna or Intl.ISOS if they are supplied with a Guarantee of Payment Letter. If the answer is "yes," ask the doctor to call Intl.ISOS or Cigna using the details on your Certificate of Coverage. See the section above for information about guarantee of payment.