Travel Health Insurance versus Traveler Medical Assistance

Baker Hughes offers two different types of travel assistance when it comes to the health of our employees. Read below to understand the different options and how they work together.

Travel Health Insurance
Through Cigna
MBA Plan

The Medical Benefits Abroad® (MBA) plan is NOT a full-service medical plan, but provides coverage for unexpected injuries or illnesses that may occur while on international business trips. Prior to any business trip, the employee's travel approver should email the Baker Hughes Total Rewards team at: to obtain a copy of the Certificate of Coverage.

  • Trips that qualify for the MBA plan must not exceed 180 days.
  • Family members are not covered under the MBA plan.

You can download the MBA claim form here and see a sample ID Card here.

Available Services and Resources

The MBA plan offers you the following services and resources:

  • Medical benefits that cover hospital admission, surgeries, and outpatient medical care and ambulance services for emergency medical treatment.
  • Prescription drugs and replacement medicine for lost prescriptions that are medically necessary.
  • Dental emergencies for an accident to sound natural teeth or to alleviate sudden unexpected dental pain.
  • Crisis Assistance Program for travel risks that directly impact or have the potential to impact you when you're traveling on business.
  • Medical Evacuation in case you require immediate medical attention and adequate facilities are not locally available.
  • Personal Travel when it’s taken in combination with a business trip.
Website Resources and Contact Information

Go to to find:

  • An online global provider directory search
  • Printable ID cards
  • Claims submissions
  • Benefit information
  • A Drug Translation Tool
  • Useful information on 200+ countries to prepare for travel, such as immunization requirements, disease prevention tips, and security alerts

You can also call Cigna at 1-800-441-2668 (worldwide) or 302-797-3100 (collect).

Business Traveler Medical Assistance Service
Through International SOS (Intl.SOS)

This service is not an insurance plan, but a business membership overseen by Baker Hughes Global Health & Medical. (Intl.SOS member number:1CPA984)

Applies To

All employees on business travel outside their home country or expat assignment country.

Contacting Intl.SOS

In case of illness or injury, you should call an Assistance Center on the Intl.SOS website or use the app.

How Intl.SOS Can Help

Before travel, you should:

  • Access the Intl.SOS website to review the country guides for details about health and safety risks.
  • Call Intl.SOS for pre-trip health guidance.

During travel, you can:
For life-threatening illnesses, injuries, or symptoms:

  • Seek medical care immediately and summon available local transportation.
  • Contact Intl.SOS after arrival at a local medical facility or after evaluation.
  • Intl.SOS will contact the treating medical providers and oversee the medical aspects of the case.
  • Intl.SOS will coordinate medical evacuation (when authorized by Baker Hughes).

For non-life-threatening illnesses, injuries, or symptoms:

  • Contact Intl.SOS for guidance—use the Intl.SOS app for phone and chat options.
  • As needed, Intl.SOS can refer you to local medical providers and assist in scheduling that appointment.
How Cigna and Intl.SOS Work Together

Who should you call? In all cases of illness or injury, you should contact Intl.SOS who will coordinate everything between the two companies. Intl.SOS will notify Cigna and ensure that the medical provider is aware of Cigna coverage. Ultimately, the medical bills will be paid through Cigna.

Guarantee of Payment: Some medical providers and facilities may not be familiar with Cigna and require an upfront guarantee of payment (GOP) to begin evaluation and treatment. In this case:

  • Intl.SOS will provide a GOP to medical providers and facilities to avoid delays in treatment.
  • Once the medical provider’s administrative process validates global travel insurance coverage with Cigna, the medical provider will bill Cigna directly.