Contacts and resources

Cigna Global Whole Health Services

As a Cigna Global Health Benefits® customer, you have whole health services available to you 24/7.

  • Global Service Center - call toll-free at 1-800-441-2668
  • International Employee Assistance Program (IEAP) offers counseling support; call toll-free at 1-888-851- 7032 to access short-term counseling services
  • Global Telehealth - speak directly with a doctor via phone or video consultation using the Cigna Wellbeing mobile app or the Cigna Envoy mobile app or website at

International SOS (Intl.SOS)

If you get sick or injured while traveling, Intl.SOS serves as your point of contact to coordinate all of your care and payment between the medical providers and your medical plan. Learn more about the procedure to follow if you have a medical need while traveling.


Baker Hughes Intl.SOS member number: 1CPA984


Download the App

Cigna Global (administers the MBA Plan)


  • Create and download a Certificate of Coverage (self-service)
  • Online global provider directory search
  • Printable ID cards
  • Claims submissions
  • Benefit information
  • Drug Translation Tool
  • Information on 200+ countries to prepare for travel, such as immunization requirements,
    disease prevention tips, and security alerts

Phone:  1-800-441-2668 (worldwide) or 302-797-3100 (collect)

Obtain Certificate of Coverage

  • Click here for instructions for creating and downloading a Certificate of Coverage

Travel security requirements and resources

Website: BakerHughes Security & Risk Management