Overview of Medical Benefits Abroad (MBA)

The MBA Plan

If you are required to travel internationally, Medical Benefits Abroad® (MBA) provides high quality healthcare with benefits that follow you wherever and whenever you go. It is not a full-service medical plan but provides EMPLOYEE ONLY coverage for unexpected illness or injury while you are traveling on business, whether you need hospital or out-patient care, emergency dental treatment or a replacement prescription. The MBA plan is offered through Cigna. You can find contact information for the MBA Plan here.


The MBA plan offers you the following services and resources:

  • Medical benefits that cover hospital admission, surgeries, and outpatient medical care and ambulance services for emergency medical treatment.
  • Prescription drugs and replacement medicine for lost prescriptions that are medically necessary.
  • Dental coverage for emergencies such as accidents to sound natural teeth or to alleviate sudden unexpected dental pain.
  • Crisis Assistance Program for travel risks that directly impact or have the potential to impact you when you're traveling on business.
  • Medical evacuation in case you require immediate medical attention and adequate facilities are not locally available.
  • Personal travel when it’s taken in combination with a business trip.
Obtaining a Certificate of Coverage

See this section for information on obtaining a certificate of coverage.

Who is eligible

You are eligible for the MBA plan if you are traveling outside of your country of residence or on a work assignment of 180 days or less and are working in a country of which you are not a citizen or permanent resident. Family members are not covered under the MBA plan.