Benefits that help you and your family pay for quality dental care.

There’s a clear medical connection between dental health and your overall health. Our Dental plan encourages preventive and diagnostic dental care and provides coverage for basic and major dental care as well as orthodontia services.

Baker Hughes offers one Dental plan, which includes basic and major services, along with orthodontia coverage for children up to age 19. You can view the 2024 Dental plan chart here.

Cigna Dental does not issue Member ID Cards. You can either log into your account or download the myCigna Mobile App to view or print a member ID card for yourself and any dependents you cover on the plan.  

In-network coverage

If you use a dental provider who participates in the Cigna PPO network, you may pay less for care. Network dentists agree to accept predetermined fees for services, which are usually discounted from typical charges. 

If you are new to Cigna, you can find a Dental plan provider here. If you already are a Cigna member, you can find a Dental plan provider here.

Out-of-network coverage

There’s no penalty for using a non-network dentist, but Cigna won’t pay expenses that exceed the Reasonable and Customary (R&C) allowable amounts. R&C fees are the amounts charged by other dentists in your community for similar services and supplies. You pay any amount over the Cigna's R&C portion of the payment.

Cigna Dental Virtual Care

Cigna Dental partnered with The TeleDentist to provide virtual care through Cigna's growing network of dental providers who offer tele-dentistry. Through a video consultation, licensed dentists can triage urgent situations such as pain, infection, and swelling, and guide you and your covered dependents on the next steps. If necessary, the dentist will prescribe medications, such as antibiotics and non-narcotic pain relievers.  Virtual Care consults are processed as in-network claims on your Baker Hughes dental plan and have no co-payor coinsurance costs.  Click here to learn more about Cigna Dental Virtual Care.

Find a dental provider

Use this tool to find a provider.

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