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Time Away

Time Away

Time away to refresh and renew.

Baker Hughes' benefits and policies are designed to give you time to recharge, heal and focus on your loved ones so you can be healthy in all aspects of your life.

This is a high-level overview of time away benefits. Talk to the HR Shared Service Center or go to MyHR.


Only non-exempt Hourly, Field and OTHSAL employees are eligible for vacation time. Vacation time is earned based on your service. Some employees may be grandfathered based on current eligibility. To view your vacation time, click here.

Permissive leave

Rather than having a set allotment of vacation time, Permissive Leave allows exempt salaried employees to work with their manager to take the time off they need. Permissive Leave is available to employees for time away that may traditionally be covered by vacation, personal illness or personal business.


You receive 12 paid holidays a year. Schedules vary by location.

Levels of Coverage
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