Kindbody Fertility and Family Building

Kindbody Fertility and Family Building

A point solution for fertility services


Kindbody is a fertility and family building program that offers egg/embryo/sperm freezing, IVF, and IUI. Kindbody has convenient and welcoming clinics around the country dedicated to helping patients build their families.

To be eligible to participate in this new program, you must be enrolled in a Baker Hughes UHC Medical plan. 

Read more about Kindbody here.

Accessing Kindbody 

To use Kindbody, go here and select Login. Enter the Access Code: KINDBAKERHUGHES. You will also need to entire your Unique ID. If you are the employee, enter your Employee ID. If you are a spouse or domestic partner, enter the Employee ID + 'S' (for example: 12345S). You can find additional login details here.

If you live in Hawaii

Employees who live in Hawaii are not eligible for Kindbody. Refer to your Options PPO Plan for fertility benefits.

Virtual Fertility 101 & Benefit Overview

Click here to learn the need-to-knows of fertility — from IVF, egg freezing, male fertility, LGBTQ+family-building, and more. This informative session is designed to help you understand your options through your Kindbody benefit — whether you're looking to get pregnant today or educate yourself for the future.

Levels of Coverage
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