Baker Hughes' Legal Plan Services provide you with an “attorney on retainer” who can offer you legal advice over the phone, meet with you to discuss legal issues, review and prepare documents and represent you in court.

Services include:

  • Wills, trusts and estate planning
  • Family law, marriage, divorce, prenuptial agreements, adoption and custody
  • Debt, identity theft and bankruptcy
  • Tax and audit assistance
  • Real estate
  • Traffic ticket defense

You pay the cost of coverage through after-tax paycheck deductions, and you can use the benefit as often as you like. Services for Free Wills and Living Wills are limited to one per covered member per year.

You may choose to use a network attorney and receive the network benefits of the plan, or pay a higher cost when using an attorney that is out-of-network. No matter your decision, you should contact the Legal Plan at 1-888-416-4313 before incurring any legal expenses.

LegalEASE  Legal Corner

The Legal  Corner is a comprehensive web resource for you to get help navigating legal resources and local attorneys. The Legal Corner is included as part of the LegalEASE Legal Plan and offers self-search web-based services. This valuable web resource is accessible for all employees, whether or not you are enrolled in the Legal Plan.

For more  information go to or call 1-888-416-4313.

Levels of Coverage
check  Employee Only
check  Employee + Family
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