Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Coverage for your furry family members

MetLife Pet Insurance provides reimbursement for vet wellness visits, accidents, illnesses, and more. You can customize your pet insurance to meet your needs while protecting your pet’s health and well-being when you enroll in benefits. 

How it works

You can visit any U.S. licensed vet, emergency clinic, or specialist and you and your veterinarian can determine the best treatment plan and medical course of action for your pet. Once you’ve received and paid your bill, you send it to MetLife and they process your claim for reimbursement.


Coverage can include illness, accident, and preventive care coverage. The services covered depends on the coverage you select when you enroll.

Cost and paying for coverage

Each pet’s premium will be unique based your pet's age and breed, your location, the coverage amount you select when you enroll.*

You pay your premiums directly to MetLife. You do not pay them through payroll deductions. You will set up an automatic payments through MetLife's online portal or call center.**

* An enrollment fee of $12 is charged to a policyholder for the first policy year. The enrollment fee is added to the bill/deduction for the first month’s premium. The enrollment fee is not applicable in Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, and Ohio.

** A $3 administration/installment fee is charged anytime a policyholder is paying premiums monthly. The administration/installment fee is waived if the full-year premium is paid up front. The administration/installment fee is not applicable in Louisiana.

Levels of Coverage
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How to enroll

You can enroll now in MetLife Pet Insurance. Go to the MetLife website to enroll.