Basic and Voluntary AD&D

Basic and Voluntary AD&D

Company-paid and optional coverage to protect your family in the event of your death or disability.

Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Basic AD&D insurance pays a benefit equal to one times (1x) your benefits base pay up to a maximum of $500,000, in the event of your death or certain types of injuries resulting from an accident. You are enrolled automatically for this coverage and Baker Hughes pays the full cost.

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Voluntary AD&D insurance pays a benefit amount that you choose when you enroll. There are two categories to choose from. Benefits are paid if you, your spouse or your child(ren) die or suffer certain types of injuries as the direct result of an accident. The maximum benefit is up to five times (5x) your annual benefits base pay up to a maximum of $4 million. 

Dependent coverage

Based on the coverage levels above, if you elect dependent coverage, the benefits will be:

  • Spouse only* – 50% of employee coverage amount
  • Child(ren) only* – 15% of employee coverage amount, up to $20,000 per child
  • Spouse and child(ren)* – 40% of employee coverage amount for your spouse and 10% of employee coverage amount for your children (up to $20,000 per child)

If both you and your spouse are Baker Hughes employees*

If both you and your spouse are Baker Hughes employees, each of you and any of your dependents can be covered only once under the Voluntary AD&D coverage. Coverage can be through you or your spouse or a combination of the two of you, so long as no person is covered more than once, including your dependents. 

Benefits base pay 

Benefits base pay means your base annual earnings, including any before-tax contributions you make through the benefits program. This does not include any overtime pay or bonuses. For certain benefit rate calculations, your benefits base pay is determined in either September, your date of hire or your transfer date, whichever is later.

*Effective January 1, 2024, domestic partners will be eligible under Voluntary AD&D coverage. The children of domestic partner's can also be covered under family AD&D coverage if the domestic partner is also enrolled.

Levels of Coverage
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