Medical and Prescription Drug Coverage

What are my Medical plan options?

You can choose between three Medical plans for 2019:

  • Premium HSA – a high deductible health plan that offers an HSA. If you enroll in the Premium HSA, BHGE will make a contribution to your HSA.
  • Basic HSA – a high deductible health plan that offers an HSA. There is no company contribution to the HSA.
  • Standard Plan – a traditional medical plan with the option to enroll in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA).

What are the differences between the three plans?

All medical plans cover the same services and procedures; however, your deductible, coinsurance and premium rates will vary for each plan option. 

Are there Out-of-Area Medical plan options?

Yes. Eligibility is determined based on your home address. If you are eligible for an Out-of-Area Medical plan, it will be displayed as an option when you enroll for your benefits.

Who is the Medical plan carrier?

The Medical plan carrier is UnitedHealthcare (UHC). 

How do I find an in-network provider?

To find a provider you can go here.

Will I get a new Medical ID card?

Yes. If you are a new hire, you will get a new ID card.

Is Telemedicine offered through my Medical plan?

Yes. All three Medical plan options offer access to Virtual Visits through UnitedHealthcare. 

How does Telemedicine (Virtual Visits) work?

You can consult with a doctor via video chat, so you and your family get the convenient care you need from home, work or on-the-go.

How does Prescription Drug coverage work?

Each Medical plan option has Prescription Drug coverage.  Each plan offers a flat dollar copay for generic medication. Brand and Non-Preferred medication will be subject to coinsurance. If you enroll in an HDHP plan you will be required to meet your deductible before the copay or coinsurance will apply.

To look up drug costs and find a pharmacy, click here.

Who is the prescription drug administrator?

CVS/caremark is the prescription drug administrator.

How can I find out if my preferred pharmacy is in the network?

Go to or call CVS/caremark at 1-877-252-3485.

Does the prescription drug plan use the same deductible and out-of-pocket maximum as the Medical plan?

If you enroll in the Premium HSA or Basic HSA, your Prescription Drug coverage and Medical plan have the same deductible. Any prescription drug costs you pay for will apply to your Medical plan deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

If you enroll in the Standard Plan, there is no prescription drug deductible. But, any prescription drug costs you pay will apply to your Medical plan out-of-pocket maximum.

Will I get a prescription drug ID card?

New ID cards will be issued to new enrollees from CVS/caremark.